Week starting: Monday 13th March 2017


I thought I would update you on our progress this term since January in response to our Inspection report published on January 12th.

We have appointed Mrs Zeilah Chadwick as the school’s Business Manager, which extends her role from administrator in the DSP to the wider role of supporting and developing the school in terms of compliance to the regulations stipulated by the Independent Schools Standards and the Common Inspection Framework.

Since January, Mrs Chadwick has worked very hard on our behalf to overhaul our Safeguarding practices. This has resulted in an amended Safeguarding Policy and associated supporting procedure.  The revised policy has been ratified by the governors and can now be viewed on the school’s website.

Mrs Chadwick has overhauled the related policy for Safer Recruitment and has written robust recruitment procedures, which we have used in the two appointments we have made this term.

You can also view the amended Safer Recruitment policy on the website.

Mrs Chadwick has also worked through regulations to do with Health and Safety and the condition of the premises. Improvements have been made to the fixed wiring, the water supply, on site security (internally we have fitted a mag-lock to the internal door in EYFS) which means that EYFS pupils are unable to get out of the school but also unable to access the rest of the school.

Parents in EYFS will be aware that Bradford Local Authority wrote to each of them offering them places at other EYFS settings ranked either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

Twenty-one families were asked to either accept the offer or to indicate that they wished their children to stay with us. I am very encouraged to report that all 21 families chose to keep their children with us. We thank all parents for continuing to put their trust in us.

As always, I and my senior staff are available to you should you have any concerns you want to discuss. You are welcome to come in and and watch any of our lessons and we look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you individually at the forthcoming parent consultation evenings.


Please be informed that we have made an appointment to replace Mrs Aspinall who left us at half term. Mrs Hutton will join us for 3 days a week, Wednesday to Friday.

Mrs Hutton has nearly ten years of teaching experience in Early Years and Primary Education. Mrs Hutton will join us on 16thMarch, until then, her timetable will be mostly covered by Mrs Booth, our head of Primary. Mrs Hutton fellowships at Church on the Way.

In addition we have also appointed Katrina Verity to work in the DSP as a Learning Support Teacher. Miss Verity has previously fulfilled a very similar role at West Silk Special School in Leeds. Mrs Verity joins us on 3rd April and we look forward to welcoming her into our school community.


Bradford City Penalty Shoot-out – this was a great event and we’d like to thank you for your support. We raised a total of £1870 of which we get to keep half. Prizes will be given out next week.

Parents of Nursery children are invited into school on Wednesday 15th March between 9am and 9.30am for coffee and biscuits. There will be time to talk to staff about your child’s progress and to look at his/her work. Children who attend afternoon nursery are invited to change to the morning session on this day, if possible. Please let Class 1 staff know if you are able to attend.

Primary Consultations w/c 13th March – please make sure that you sign up with the class teacher the week before.

Advance notice – 22nd March – Primary and EYFS will be holding a combined Mothers’ Day and Easter craft morning. Mummies will be invited to come in and join us and be served coffee and cake.

Our next Open Morning will be on Wednesday 29th March, 9.30-11.30am.

Barmitvah meetings for Year 8 parents. We will meet again on Thursday 23rd March: details will be sent out directly to parents.

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