Primary School

Primary School

The Primary Department seeks to create a friendly and inviting environment where the children feel valued and are able to develop through carefully planned activities.

A variety of methods are used to deliver the curriculum. The topics are taught from a Christian perspective.

Children should know that they are loved and are precious in God’s sight. The teachers and support staff seek to develop good relationships with children and mentor their social and spiritual development as well as their academic progress. Children are also taught to respect each other and the adults who work with them.

The children mostly stay in the same classroom with the class teacher and support staff. The younger children are encouraged to learn through play, to explore and investigate.

As the children get older they are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning and are given more homework to prepare them for life beyond Primary.

Partnership with the parents is highly valued and staff make themselves available to parents so that open communication can be maintained. Parents are welcome to help in school and are invited to attend presentations where they can find out what the children have learned.

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