Parent testimonials

Parent Testimonials

‘Our children grow and flourish in all aspects of school life. They are encouraged and valued. We are all made to feel part of the school family’
Mr and Mrs Pickles

‘You have taken my daughter from a shy little girl to a confident young lady… ‘

‘I feel part of the efforts of BCS. I appreciate the fact that the teachers sincerely love my kids and believe in them. It is wonderful for a school to want to work with your child no matter the challenge. My children have thrived here!’
Mr and Mrs Shyllon

‘We see how the teachers genuinely care for our children. Our children really like and respect their teachers. We value the good relationships our children have with the staff.’ Mr and Mrs Stannett

‘I don’t know what I’d do if BCS didn’t exist! My child loves coming to school, is valued as an individual, challenged and given a fantastic education. I feel safe as a parent knowing my child is being taught a worldview which I endorse. They are not being exposed to anything I would be concerned about. I love this school and would highly, highly recommend it.’
Mr and Mrs Almas

‘I believe Bradford Christian School is extremely unique. Teachers know their pupils very and this to a deeper bond that enables the children to be secure, confident and able to thrive. Their individual needs are met and therefore their learning is increased. God is at the centre of every aspect of the school, which in tun brings a lot of peace, security and joy. The children are loved and prayed for and nurtured in their faith. Environments are so important and BCS is a wonderful environment for your children to be in.’
Mr and Mrs Waters

‘It is a place where children are safe and can be secure with their place in the world. It provides a good education and a space to be themselves. BCS builds people and helps to develop their character as well as providing all the basics they need to move into the future.’
Mr and Mrs Garcia-Patchett

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