Parents Evening – 25 & 27 April

We are recommending that parents prioritise subjects that are Red and Amber on your Child’s Spring2 Progress Check (please check your emails). There are a maximum of 7 bookings per student/parent. Parents in Upper school should make sure “SLC” is booked at a minimum.

EYFS to Y4 – 10 minute subject appointment

Y5 -Y8 – 5 minute subject appointment,but limiting parents to a max of 6 subjects prioritising those ragging amber or red on Spring 2 PC

Y9 – Y10 – single 10 minute student led conference (SLC) for Y9 and Y10 where students will explain their PC to parents along with one of their form tutors. In addition, there will be the option of a 5 minute subject appointment for any subjects ragging amber or red on Spring 2 PC.

If you have any questions, email