Our Staff team are excited to welcome all families to a new year at BCS! We hope you feel well rested after the summer holiday and ready to start school. We have several new families joining us this year whom we hope feel welcomed and settled quickly. If you are new to school, there are some helpful links and guides on our website that we wanted to point you to.

You should have already found the Parent Zone page where you will find lots of helpful information to get you started. Please be courteous when parking your car on the street outside school at the beginning and end of each day. We want to maintain good relationships with out neighbours and if parents are careful when parking this goes a long way to helping keep things peaceful.

School lunches are ordered and purchased online via our Parent Portal. Parents with children on roll at BCS will receive an email invitation to set up a new account and sign in. We have a helpful guide on purchasing lunches here.

We communicate regularly with parents each week via The Week Ahead on our website. You will receive a text message with a link to let you know a new one has been posted. Please try to get into the habit of reading everything on The Week Ahead. We welcome feedback on The Week Ahead to make it more relevant and helpful for all parents. We also communicate on a daily basis via email and text. Please make sure you are checking your emails daily so as not to miss anything. Some items we email out we also post on our website for reference.