Memo for all parents – Monday 8th June 2020

Welcome back to a new week of learning; either in school or through our well established online learning programme. 

We welcome back to school students in Nursery who will be able to access learning at school two days a week. 

We are only open to pupils in Reception,Year 1 and Year 6, key workers and vulnerable children, including students in the DSP. We are seeing a few more key worker children return to school as their parents’ shift patterns change, and of course we are open to such children and their families. For your reference the list of key workers can be found here. 

All seems to have gone quiet in terms of the government making announcements regarding their plans to get more year groups back to school, and so according to what has already been stated, we are working towards having Year 10 students back in for the first time since lockdown next Wednesday, 17th June. 

If we can help, support or serve you in any other way, please let us know. 

Sincerely Phill Moon Headteacher 

Our general safety measures are set out here for your reference

  • You will be asked to observe social distancing approaching and leaving the school campus 
  • No other adults other than staff will be admitted to the school. School volunteers will not be used during the rest of the academic year. 
  • Each class of students will have their own entry and exit point into the school. Parents must remain outside. 
  • Students will have their own desk which will be situated 2 metres apart from other students. 
  • All lessons will be in the same room for each year group and teachers will teach the same group of children with a minimum of change for each teacher. 
  • Classrooms will be decluttered of unnecessary furniture and for the younger children, we will remove soft furnishings and toys
  • Younger children in Primary will have as much of their education outdoors as is manageable. 
  • Students will be supervised in hand washing as soon as they enter the building in the morning and when they go out to and return from breaks and when they leave the school to return home. 
  • The cloakrooms will only be used for the use of the toilets and for handwashing. 
  • It is recommended that clothes are washed each day and for this reason we will not require students to come to school in uniform for the remainder of the academic year. 
  • We will provide exercise for students but they will not be required to change their clothing for such activities. 
  • We require students to bring their own pencil case with all equipment they will need for their study. This equipment should remain at school. 
  • We would also ask that you send your child to school with small packs of tissues that they can self access and small bottles of hand sanitizer (the type that contains alcohol), labelled with your child’s name. However, if you are unable to source this basic sanitising equipment, the school will make some provision. 
  • Older students will be issued with their own laptop which they will be responsible for disinfecting each day along with their immediate desk area. 
  • Staff will be designated to regularly clean heavy traffic areas such as doors and desks and key equipment etc. 
  • Rooms will be well ventilated and doors wedged open to avoid the need to be touched. 
  • Break times and lunch times will be staggered to minimise the number of children in the school yard. 
  • Contact games and the use of the climbing frame will unfortunately not be allowed. 
  • We will not be able to provide school lunches for the foreseeable future, so all students must bring their own food and named water bottle. 
  • In accordance with government guidelines, staff and students will not be required to wear PPE including not being required to wear face masks. However, staff will wear PPE if they have to administer first aid. 
  • We will use a temperature gun to check the temperature of each child and member of staff. Any individual registering a high temperature above 37.8 degrees celsius will be asked to return home. 
  • Staff and children exhibiting any symptoms (a high temperature, a new, dry and persistent cough, a loss or change in sense of taste and smell) will be asked to go to a testing station and test negative before they will be allowed to return to school. 
  • If a child or member of staff tests positive, the teacher and class should self isolate for fourteen days (Source Bradford LA guidance) They should only be tested if they develop symptoms.