Memo for Parents: 21/08/2020

I hope you have all enjoyed a different summer break with your students, and are getting ready for the return to school on Thursday September 3rd.


I am looking forward to welcoming all our students back into school, and to taking on my new role as head of BCS. I am privileged to work as part of the same senior leadership team, and can assure you we will work for continuity as we return.


We will welcome a lot of new staff, and acknowledge that some staff in school have changed roles.


Mrs Lois Brown will teach art to the whole school

Mrs Cath Kershaw will teach Maths and Science, and be our new whole school SENCo

Mr John Kershaw will teach Computing and Maths

Mrs Christine Morley will be a learning support assistant in EYFS

Miss Beth Krivan will be a learning support assistant in EYFS

Mrs Claire Aldridge will be a learning support assistant in EYFS

Miss Elisha Hutcheson will be a learning support assistant in our DSP

Miss Valerie Grintals will be a learning support assistant in our DSP

We are still in the process of confirming other appointments 


Unfortunately, covid 19 is still a concern for our community, and we will follow the government guidance as we return to school. This means some things will be a little different. Our key priority is to keep students in bubbles, and to avoid contact between classes. As everyone returns we hope you can help us manage ‘pinch points’ by not grouping together at the beginning and end of the day.


What to do at the beginning of the day


8:40 am


The playground gate will be locked until 8:40am and students should not enter until a teacher is present and on duty. 


Students should not enter the building at all, until a teacher brings them inside.


For the first week, parents of Year 1 students can enter with their children and stand with them on the blue dots. However, we are asking that other parents leave their students at the gate, and only enter school if they have an appointment or emergency.


If it is raining we ask students to remain in cars as we can not accommodate large groups in the school hall.


EYFS should go with parents to their classroom, where teachers will welcome the students.


DSP students should follow the same protocol as they did in June and July


Year 11 may go straight to the prefect room, Room 10.


At 8:55 the first bell will ring.

Teachers will collect students in years 1 to 8 

Year 1 -4 will line up at the science door at the bottom of the playground, in class lines. They will enter in class groups, when called by their teacher. Year 5 to 8 will line up to enter via the door at the top of the playground when called by their teacher. 


Year 9 to 11 should wait until younger students are in the building before they enter.


At 9:05 the gate will be locked. Any late students should go to the main entrance and wait, ensuring they are socially distanced. 


Most students will remain in a class base throughout the day, with the exception of specialist subjects such as Art, PE, Science. All personal belongings must remain with the student and not be left in bathrooms or other shared spaces. We still need to minimise equipment being transferred between home and school so pencil cases and headphones should be left in the classroom.


We will not be conducting temperature checks unless a child is unwell


Procedures for the end of the day. 


students in EYFS and Years 1 – 4 will be collected from the EYFS playground at 3:10pm. We ask parents and carers to leave the premises promptly so there is no congestion around key points. We do still need to socially distance. At 3:20 pm Years 5 and above will be sent out, either to parent cars or to leave independently. A teacher will be on duty outside school. 


What happens if a child tests positive for covid 19

If someone in a class tests covid positive we will inform public health. It is likely that the whole class will need to isolate and work remotely for two weeks. All students from Year 1 will be given a school internet username and password, so remote teaching can continue as effectively as possible. 



What students will need:

Students will be required to wear school uniform 

Outdoor PE kit and shoes – PE will be outside as a default option, and students should wear PE clothes on their PE days to save changing.

Painting shirt for art – this can be an old adult shirt or a large T shirt, to keep clothes clean


EYFS and Primary students should bring a packed lunch.

Middle and Upper students have the option to buy warm food at lunch time. The menu and costs are available on the school website

Personal supply of stationery, hand sanitiser gel and tissues

Headphones to leave at school


Please make sure all belongings are named


We will be posting our full risk assessment on the website


Jane Prothero