Memo for parents – Friday 28th August 2020

New Information about masks

Following the recent government mandate we have decided that all students from Year 7 to 11 will be required to wear masks whilst moving around the building. Such movement will be limited as we are having class bases for the majority of the week. They should bring a mask to school.
While in local lockdown,​Y7 to Y11 and all adults​ will be expected to wear a mask when moving between classrooms
Staff working in the DSP will wear face visors, provided by school
Y7 & 8 students entering the building on their way to room 11/12 will be hand sanitised on entry and don’t need to wear a mask for this journey.
We will provide automatic hand sanitisers at each main entry to the building
Parents will be asked to send masks to school with them, but we will have a stock for those who have forgotten or lose one
We will revisit this decision when Bradford leaves local lockdown
What students will need:
Students will be required to wear ​school uniform
Outdoor PE kit and shoes​ – PE will be outside as a default option, and students should wear PE clothes on their PE days to save changing.
Painting shirt for art ​- this can be an old adult shirt or a large T shirt, to keep clothes clean.
EYFS and Primary students should bring a packed lunch.
Middle and Upper students have the option to buy warm food at lunch time. The menu and costs are available on the school website
Personal supply of stationery, hand sanitiser gel and tissues
Headphones to leave at school
A Mask for year 7 – 11
Please make sure all belongings are named
Jane Prothero