Memo for all Parents

Tuesday 12th May 2020

We are only slowly beginning to get clarification on the details the government is proposing
regarding opening schools again and do not expect this information to be fully disclosed and
assimilated until at least Wednesday of this week.

However, we have made a decision as an SLT that we will keep in step with the
government phased plans for reopening schools. This means that we are beginning to
work towards opening school on 1st June to EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6,and children with
EHC plans with a further aim to open the rest of Primary, including Year 5, two weeks later.
(Monday 17th June) As such, we still don’t have any further information about Secondary
other than the government are hoping to get Year 10 ‘into school before the end of the
school year.’ We are tentatively making plans for Year 7-10, but again are awaiting

To acknowledge the commitment and hard work of our staff and from you as families and to
also acknowledge that some of our staff families as well as some of our student’s families
are experiencing fatigue due to seven weeks of lockdown and having to work hard at online
education, we will end this half term at 3:30 Wednesday 20th May.

By the end of the week we aim to have a plan in place for reopening, detailing our measures
to ensure safety for both staff, pupils and parents as far as we reasonably can, and in
keeping with government guidelines; also explaining how we will need to reconfigure the
school to provide social distancing and a staff rota for the start of the last half term.

We envisage that from 1st June, we will be providing a combination of education for small
designated groups in school with their teachers and the continuance of online provision as
we have become accustomed to providing, and that going forward this combination of
provision will potentially change every few weeks.

As soon as we can, we will publish our full plans when we have clarity so that you can work
towards the changes within your individual families. As always, please contact the school if
you have more questions or concerns. If you could contact us before the end of school
Thursday, that would be appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support as we all work together for the best we can provide for
our children.

Your sincerely
Phill Moon