Memo for parents Middle and Upper School students

Monday 11th May 2020

From what prime Minister Boris Johnson shared last night, we can see that we will
need to continue to provide education at Bradford Christian School in the same way
that we have done for the past five weeks; namely through the school being closed
to all but vulnerable and key worker’s children should they so request, with the rest
of students being provided for through online education. This provision will continue
in the first instance, until the end of his half term, in other words, for the next two
We were all told that the government are making ‘conditional ’plans to open schools
to EYFS, Year 1, Year 6 students from June 1st with a vague statement being made
about Year 10 students, who sit their exams next year, ‘ being able to see their
teachers before the end of the school year’.
These plans are ‘conditional’ on the virus continuing to be under control with
infection and death rates continuing to fall over the next few weeks and the R rate
continuing to be under 1.0.

As a school leadership, we shall receive detailed information about these proposals
from the Department for Education over the next few days. We will scrutinise these
proposals and then publish our plans for going forwards when we are absolutely
clear of what is expected of us and are clear about what we can safely provide for
you specifically at BCS.
So for the next two weeks our provision remains as follows:
Our central hub is where parents can go for all relevant information and resources, it
can be found on the school website under the parent zone tab.
The BCS Remote Learning Hub is where students can find a summary of all the
work they have for the week, including a timetable for googlemeet online lessons.

These are our expectation of what needs to be done as the usual weekly work
● Work will be posted on line at 9:00am Monday morning, and will be due in
by Friday 3:30pm.
● We suggest that you have a ‘tutorial’ with your child/children some time on
Monday so that you, as a parent, have an idea of the work they need to
complete for the week. You can now find this information on their new
Remote Learning Hub learning hub .
● We would encourage you to make a family timetable for the week. We would
recommend that your timetable should include slots for rest and play as well
as work.
● Students will be invited to an online class for some of their lessons this week.
There will be either 3 or 4 online lessons to attend. The number has not
increased from last week. Meet links will be in student’s Classroom Streams.
● Teachers are available 9:00am to 3:30 each day and will respond to
comments posted on their google classroom lessons.
● Please note that teachers will not be available exclusively all day 9:00am –
3:30 for the five days of the working week. Some teachers are part time and
this will be reflected in the times that they make themselves available.
● Teachers can receive emails after 3:30pm but will not reply to comments and
questions until the next day unless an answer is vitally necessary.
Please note that Mr McGrail is available to parents and students if you have
any problems and queries concerning online working.

● I will post a google form survey on how the week has gone for students and
we will use this information to refine our provision. I will post the survey
Thursday morning to be completed by 3:30 on Thursday.
● We will continue to post a survey to you as parents on Friday evening to be
filled in over the weekend so we can stay in touch with your views.

● We will also hold an assembly once a week for the two departments.
Wednesday at 9:00am for Middle school students and 2:15 pm on Friday
for Upper school students.
● Mr Prothero (regarding Upper school students) and Myself, Mr Moon (for
Middle school students) will also drop you a line or arrange for a phone
conversation with you as parents, if our data shows that there have been
problems or gaps in your child completing work.

Mrs Zeilah CHadwick continues to work for the school from home on our policies in
conjunction with the SLT and the Governors. As a result the Careers Education
policy has now been ratified and is available to view on the school website.
Our aim remains to be clear and consistent in our expectations and the details of our
provision but also to positively refine our provision as we continue to move forwards,
working with you and your children.

As we teach and receive work we will continue to make assessments and will adhere
to our plans to provide you with a progress update. Rather than end of year exams
these assessments will be made through teacher assessments based on online
responses. This data will be made available to you after the Springbank break.

Kind Regards
Phill Moon