Welcome back to Secondary School

Memo for parents Middle and Upper School students

Monday 20th April 2020


Dear parents

Welcome back to the new term. It is, of course, not a normal start, but one we have thought about greatly as a staff team. We are looking forward to supporting and leading your children in their learning with opportunities and possibilities offered by the current online way of working.


We canvassed a lot of your responses to the last two weeks of the term as we adapt to online learning. The following is a brief summary of the guidelines going forward into the new term.


  • Work will be posted on line at 9:00am Monday morning, and will be due in by Friday 3:30pm.
  • We suggest that you have a ‘tutorial’ with your child/children some time on Monday so that you, as a parent, have an idea of the work they need to complete for the week. You can either make a list with a pen and paper or you can use the calendar facility on the left hand sidebar of your child’s google classroom. Or most usefully, you can use the ‘TO DO’ facility which can be found in the sidebar. This will show what work has been assigned and what has been handed in.
  • We have also asked staff to follow a similar format in setting up their classroom lesson so that students know what part of the document is information, what is instruction and where they put their answers.
  • It would also be a good idea to agree a timetable for the week to make sure the work has been completed. We have asked staff to reduce their workload for each of their classes by 20% in response to feedback that some students had been over faced with work in the last two weeks of term. Also your timetable should include slots for rest and play as well as work.
  • Students will be invited to an online class for some of their lessons this week. Initially each teacher will use the online option for no more than one lesson each week. (Some teachers may not choose to hold an online lesson.)The lesson will fall at the times when your child would have been in class according to their school timetable. Meet links will be in student’s Classroom Streams. 
  • Teachers are available 9:00am to 3:30 each day and will respond to comments posted on their google classroom lessons. Students can see what other students have said to their teachers and how their teachers have responded, and they can help each other in relation to the lessons by chatting in this way.
  • Please note that teachers will not be available exclusively all day 9:00am – 3:30 for the five days of the working week. Some teachers are part time and this will be reflected in the times that they make themselves available. 
  • Teachers can receive emails after 3:30pm but will not reply to comments and questions until the next day unless an answer is vitally necessary.


Please note that Mr McGrail is available to parents and students if you have any problems and queries concerning online working. mrmcgrail@bxs.org.uk


  • As we did last term, I will post a google form survey on how the week has gone for students and we will use this information to refine our provision. I will post the survey Thursday morning to be completed by 3:30 on Thursday.
  • The survey will ask how work has gone for the week and will also include generic questions about health and well being and we will also be including devotional and wellbeing resources. For Middle school students, these can be found in the ‘Christian Perspectives’ google classroom. Upper School students are already familiar with Christian Perspectives.
  • We will also hold an assembly once a week for the two departments. Wednesday at 9:00am for Middle school students and 9:00am on Friday for Upper school students.
  •  Mr Prothero (regarding Upper school students) and myself (for Middle school students) will also drop you a line or arrange for a phone conversation with you as parents, if our data shows that there have been problems or gaps in your child completing work.


Our aim is to be clear and consistent across subjects and teachers where possible but also to refine our provision as we continue to move forwards in working with you and your children.


Please do get in touch with myself or Mr Prothero if you have any problems or if you want to share a perspective with us on how our educational provision is impacting on your family.


Kind Regards

Phill Moon