New work packs available on Friday 17th

Firstly, I hope you have enjoyed a break over Easter, and that you have been able to experience peace. Easter is such a special celebration for Christians, and I was so sad not to be with the school community at this time.  I hope you and your families had time to rest together, with a break from the home schooling challenges.

Thanks to all who fed back to me about home learning. It appears that there have been a huge variety of experiences, all valid! Some love computer learning, others prefer to put computers away, some love investigations and open ended activities, some prefer worksheets with right and wrong answers. Some want more work, others want less. We have heard these responses and will try and include different options over the course of a week. I hope this works.
I want to reiterate what I said at the beginning, we will try our hardest and do our best to keep education going, to prepare your children for the next stage, to add structure to their days, and to help you as parents with ideas and suggestions. However, we are teachers, and we will meet children where they are once we return. It is what we are trained to do, so try not to feel too worried.
Many of you have requested work packs for your children, as sharing computers and printing is proving be quite tricky, and also because it would be good to work outside when possible.
As a response to this, staff have tried to find work that is relatively easy to manage, and over the holidays have printed workbooks, activities and some Maths for your children. These photocopied packs will be available to collect from the school playground on Friday.
We encourage you to continue with the online materials we send  alongside these packs, and to contact us with any questions or concerns – many thanks to all of those already doing so.
For EYFS – PLEASE sign up for EY Log if you have not already done so. This is an amazing way for you and your child’s teachers to maintain the developmental record of your child. It is easy to use and gives you a beautiful record to keep of this time together. All you have to do is use it to send photos of special moments, those using it can tell you how wonderful it is. If you need help contact who will guide you through the process.
For Year 1 and 2 Miss kay is emailing daily activities and sharing them on Padlet which  I have really enjoyed viewing at the end of the day. For help with accessing Padlet contact who is our computer whizz, or who has set up the account.
For Year 3 and 4 Each child has a Google Classroom account where tasks are posted for them daily. You will also receive a timetable and an overview of learning objectives for the half term, so you know where we are going. Most children are managing this well, and communicate with their teachers each day.  We will reference the learning packs in our Google lessons.
I hope this makes sense. We will have packs available between 10 and 11am  on Friday and ask you to respect the government guidelines of safe social distancing as you collect. If it is fine we will set up a table in the playground, and work in the same way as the supermarkets, with queues 2m apart.
If you live close to someone else and could put theirs on their doorstep that would help us greatly.
Please let me know the best time slot for you so we don’t have all parents arriving at the same time. This would be helpful ASAP so we can arrange staff and packs.
Slots are 10 – 10:15
10:15 – 10:30
10:30 – 10:45
10:45 – 11
Many thanks to all of you
Jane Prothero