Nursary, Reception & Primary school return

This week BCS Staff have spent time together to plan for returning to school. We are praying for you all grappling with tough decisions, and appreciate that lockdown has posed different challenges for each family.


We have decided to follow central government advice, and await their decision re school reopening on Thursday 28th May. 


If the government give the go ahead on 28th May our plans are as follows:


Year 1 children and those in our DSP will be welcome on 1st June, and may attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I will be teaching them for the first week, then from 8th June Mrs Brown and Mrs Harrison will be their teachers.

Year 2 – 6 children are welcome from 8th June, and may also attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Year 2 – Miss Kay and Miss Peckover

Year 3 – Mrs Marsden

Year 4 – Mrs Prothero (Monday Tuesday) Mrs Garcia (Thursday Friday)


We will not be open to younger children on Wednesdays – that is when our secondary students will attend school.


We will be open for the children of key workers and those with an EHCP on 1st June. Places should be reserved by Friday 29th June.


For those remaining at home

We will not be sending videos or daily emails as staff will be spending their days teaching in school, but we will endeavour to provide appropriate work. Details will be sent by text and email to inform you when new material is available. Pick up will be 3.30pm after the other children have left, from the pedestrian gate in the large playground.


We have decided that as a school we will prioritise the children’s well being and belonging, doing everything we can to make school a safe place to be physically and emotionally.  Whilst education will be in a different context, our relationships with your children will still underpin everything we deliver. We will work with them at their level, moving them through their next steps and indivdualising their learning programmes.


We want to reassure you that staff will comfort those who need it, we will pick up those who fall down, but we will make sure we minimise risks where reasonable.


We have separated year groups meaning our classes have a maximum of ten children, most have fewer.  There is plenty of space to do this, and an experienced staff team to make it work. This not only allows us to socially distance, but means we can easily continue to address a variety of learning needs for those attending.


We will be vigilant about handwashing, cleaning surfaces and resources.


We do ask that children wear clean clothes each day, and they will wash hands on arrival, as well as at key points throughout the day. Lunches should be in a plastic washable container that can be wiped clean.


For children in Year 2 – 4

We will provide

Separate desks 2m apart

A washable plastic pencil case for each child

Handwriting pen

Glue stick


Writing pencil


Refills for hand gel


We ask you to provide (to leave at school)


Coloured pencils

A pencil sharpener

Felt tip pens

A plastic ruler

A water bottle, which we will clean in the school dishwasher each afternoon

A box of tissues

A bottle of antibacterial hand gel (we can refill these but individual ones help everyone to avoid cross contamination)


This will minimise the need for sharing resources, and for movement around the class.


We also ask that children return their home learning packs to school, as we would like to assess their work. Don’t worry if they have not done much, we would like to see what they have done so we can plan the next steps for them. If they are still working at home, we would appreciate you sending their work to us at school.


Drop off will be at the pedestrian gate in the large playground, where you can hand your children over to a member of staff. They will hand children back to you at 3:10pm at the gate. Unfortunately no parents are allowed into school, and where possible, parents shouldn’t need to leave their cars.


If you have any further questions, please email me,