Weekly Update 26th April 2020

Well done for surviving the third week of home learning. We appreciate all you do to support learning in a different way.
Staff are thrilled with some of the work that we are seeing. Many families seem to be totally engaged and are sharing work back. Thank you. Thanks for the phone calls, e mails and texts encouraging and offering ideas to improve – we appreciate it very much.
This week we have put together some resources for mental health, they are on the school website where you can access them. They are for you and your children.
We have heard this week that despite learning looking different, we are still legally required to provide end of year assessment data and reports. You could really help us, and your children, do this. Right now we are unsure if we will return to school this academic year, but are hoping it will be possible at some point. However, in the meantime there is  a requirement that we assess in EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning, and for Year 1 – 4 Maths, English, Reading, Spelling, Writing and Science.
As staff, we are sticking to our curriculum plans as much as possible, but we can not make the children do it from a distance. It is great to be outside, and doing creative learning in the garden, but try and make sure children keep school work going too, especially reading which is the key to lots of learning.
You can help us 
EYFS parents please keep sending EYLog information, it is very useful.  Mrs Moon and Mrs Hutton are sending tasks to do with your children, and these will help prepare Reception children for their transition to Year 1.
Year 1 and 2 please continue to upload pictures to Padlet, or let Miss Kay know how her learning tasks went for your child. Reading is one of the best things they can be doing. Some parents are doing this brilliantly, thank you.
Year 3 and 4 make sure children engage with Maths, English and Science on Google Classroom as absolute priorities. We are aware that we need to be preparing Year 4 for Middle School in September.
Thinking of you all as you do the job we love, with some of those wonderful little people. tell them we miss them, and their teachers can’t wait to be back at school with them.

Jane Prothero

Head of Primary,  Whole School SENCo