Main Hall Makeover

Our Main Hall sees alot of action! From Asseblies, to lunches, Indoor P.E to share lesson and intervention space, the Main Hall here at BCS sees it all. It’s our main thoroughfare from one end of the builidng to the other, without going outside, and over the 20 years we’ve been set up here, the ware and tear started to show. Since taking office as Headteacher in September 2020, Mrs Jane Prothero has dreamed big and the first two big projects was to go for the IQM Inclusion Quality Mark which we gained, and to redecorate the Main Hall. First went on the new paint, then the lighting was changed and at Easter the original wooden flooring was sanded back and varnished. We think it looks brilliant and we’re very much looking forward to showing people round BCS, in person, as soon as we can. Until then we’re still offering virtual tours. Below you can see before and see photos.

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