Week Ahead 28th November 2022

The Week Ahead – Week commencing 28th November

Quick Stop Notices

  • On Thursday 8th December, our school will be taking part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. We know times are tough, so please remember that donations are optional (it’s having tons of fun that’s mandatory!), and any amount you can spare – 10p, 20p, 50p makes you an awesome fundraiser. Also, this year, whatever anyone donates will make double the difference because the UK government is going to match all donations to Christmas Jumper Day between 1st December and 1st March! All that extra cash will go towards a wonderful cause, helping 200,000 mums and babies in Kenya get the food and medicine they need! (That’s a lot of mums and babies!) Remember, there’s no need to buy a new jumper. You could upcycle an old jumper, get crafty or head to your local charity shop to buy a pre-loved festive knit. If you want to get creative and decorate a jumper, the Christmas Jumper Day website contains lots of fun craft ideas. We’d appreciate your support to make Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day a success. Together, we can make the world better with a sweater. Thank you for your support.
  • School Lunches can be ordered before 9am on a Monday for the week.
  • Teachers are on duty each day from 8:45am and not before. Please don’t drop children off until a teacher is outside.
  • Hot water bottles. Please don’t send children to school with hot water bottles as there is a health and safety risk.
  • Hampers – A number of parents are organising a small Christmas fair on December 8th. Form groups have been asked to provide hampers (as was tradition pre covid) which will be raffled on the evening. 
  • Angel costumes for the Christmas play. If you have an angel costume aged 7-9 which you are willing to donate or loan to school please drop it at the office or pass to Mrs Garcia.
  • Rainy Days. There have been a lot of rainy days recently. If it is too wet to be in the playground please do not send children into school before 8:45. At this time our staff are in meetings, often in the hall, and there is no adult supervision. Those arriving by train can wait in school, but if you arrive by car please wait with your children. Even when it is dry staff are not available before 8:45.
  • Voluntary opportunity. One of our parents has shared a link for a voluntary opportunity with his organisation. If you need more information talk to Hannah or Sam Fairs Billam  (Thandi, Amba and Isla’s parents) https://www.charityjob.co.uk/jobs/tehila-trust/finance-manager/872005?tsId=15

Next Week

Middle School Ukelele lunch club.
PD day for staff – school closed to pupils. Support staff working on First Aid. Teaching staff on character development.

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 8th December
Christmas Jumper Day
Middle School Science Fair
Christmas Fair after school
Tuesday 13th December
Primary Christingle with Reverend Tracy
Wednesday 14th December
Primary nativity at 2pm and 6pm
Friday 16th December
Last day of term, close at 12pm

Please order lunches before 9am on Monday

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Stars and Students of the Week

Primary School Stars of the Week

Love Class
Romana for settling so well into Nursery.
Blessings for some amazing reading and writing.
Eliza for coming into school with a smile on her face and some fantastic acting at Bible time.
Joy Class
Grace for super participation and singing in Music lessons.
Peace Class
Myka for always having a fantastic attitude, trying his best and being polite and kind to others.
Kindness Class
Jennifer for showing confidence and bravery in her Nativity solo.
Aimie for taking on a big part in the Nativity and doing it so well.

Bronze Award

Middle School Students of the Week

Marley (Y5) for working hard in Maths with a positive attitude.
Riley (Y6) for demonstrating great understanding of scientific enquiry.
Rebecca (Y6) for an excellent History presentation. Super learning attitude in poetry

Upper School Students of the Week

Isla (Y10) for consistent high quality work across a number of subjects
George (Y10) for his consistently positive attitude in class
Cassia (Y11) for top attainment in Science assignment

Acorns Class

Daniel for great improvement in his comprehension skills and asking for help when he needs it.

Classroom News

Krystal did a fantastic job of teaching the D Major scale to year 5&6 whilst our usual music teacher, Mrs Honore was away.

Our students visited the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition.

Students visiting the Sinai Synagogue in Leeds.

Headteacher’s Message

Our mission

To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

Our Vision

To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Our vision is to be a Christian community, in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This is based on Psalm 1 v 3  That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither  – whatever they do prospers.

I am a big fan of the Clifton Strength Finder.  My goal is to ensure that people are in the right role for them. I think playing to your own strengths means feeling more fulfilled, and knowing God is using the skills and experience he gives us. There is a saying amongst staff – “Don’t tell Jane you would like to do something as she might hold you accountable and make it happen!”

I am so grateful for people who use their skills and initiative in their role – it happens all the time in BCS.

This week I was privileged and humbled to attend Mr Moon’s Essential Christian Teacher training. I have taught this with him in the past, encouraging teachers to explore their God given skills and developing them. 

Usually teachers travel from other Christian schools in the North of England, but this time we are working specifically with a group of people from our own school, who have taken on extra teaching responsibilities and want to do it from a Christian perspective. On Wednesday night, after everyone left school, a group of six staff met for almost four hours, to explore what it means to teach with a Christian worldview of children. We explored Bile passages about the child, and about our responsibility, and ended with prayer and ministry. This is part of a year long process. 

I am grateful that tired staff, who give freely throughout the week, can carve out time to be developed as Christain teachers. I am grateful to Mr Moon, who is humbly willing to  share a life time of experience in Christian education, and shares my commitment to developing staff as well as students.

Our mission is for everyone to grow in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom – this includes our staff as well as our children .

Thank you for your support of Bradford Christian School

Have a Blessed Weekend