The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

Week Commencing

5th September 2022

Thanks for opening The Week Ahead! Please encourage other parents to read our weekly newsletter.

The Week Ahead feedback

I Love the colourful layout, adore the vast content, can be read through systematically or meandered through at leisure. I always feel well informed.

I love the week ahead and look forward to reading it.

We have found it really helpful getting news and information about what is coming up. It’s really helpful to have those reminders and links. We have also loved hearing about what has been happening from the week before and seeing pictures of different classes and what they’ve been doing. It makes us feel more connected and get an insight into the life of the school.

I find it an excellent place for the vast majority of the information needed and having it electronically means I can always access it from my smartphone.

It’s nice to see what is going on in school as a whole.

It's really good to hear about all the achievements from the children within school.

It’s a good way of keeping up with what’s going on and lovely to see our children’s names for star of the week.

  1. Quick Stop Notices

  2. Next Week

  3. Stars & Students of the Week

  4. Classroom News

  5. Headteacher's message

Quick Stop Notices

  • What you need for September

    Students should wear school uniform on non PE days  and PE uniform on PE days Link to uniform page on website All uniform should be labelled so lost items can be returned 

    Primary need their book bag, containing their reading books and home reading records. These should be in school every day.

    They also need headphones for use with computers. These should be labelled with names and left at school

    Middle and upper school need a school bag containing stationery, a pencil case, headphones, and money for tuck shop.

  • Progress Reports have been issued last week, including any standardised test data for your children. All this year's reports are available on the Parent Portal.

  • Thank you to everyone who came to our Celebration Evening on Thursday, especially to those who donated. We raised £95.

  • Mrs Moon officially retired on Tuesday, her last day after 29 years of teaching. We appreciate her vision and all she has invested in our children, staff and school. We held a special leaving do for her on Wednesday after school. Thank you Mrs Kirkby for organising this and all the gifts for Mr Moon.

  • From September the school day will end at 3:30 for all children, to meet the new statutory requirements for a 32.5 hour school week.  Study centre will end at 4:30pm for middle and upper school students on Monday to Wednesday.

  • Uniform -  on PE days children will continue to wear PE uniform for school. 

  • Save up to 75% on season train tickets to school. Click here.

  • PE Hoodies for Y1 - Y 11 available to order. Click here

    Deadline for ordering is Friday 28th July

Next Week, It's Summer!

When we return in September...

Monday - 5th September

  • Staff PD & Training Day, School closed to Pupils.


  • School re-opens to pupils.




Dates for your Diary

  • Friday 16th September Primary meet class teachers morning

Lunch orders will be available from 28th September on the Parent Portal. Look out for your invitation to set up your account via email.

Lunch orders close Monday 9:00am

Stars & Students of the week

Love Class

Oscar, Eric, Yarnaa, Joshua, Imani, Rory and Grace for an mazing first sports day

Joy Class

All of Y1 for an amazing sports day


Peace Class

Angel for being a very kind friend to everyone

Alyssa for always being super helpful at tidying up time


Kindness Class

Aimie for outstanding initiative and leadership skills

Nathan for all you have given to our class community this year

Jennifer for your servant heart - always willing to help

Gold Award - 100 merits

Isaac, Mimi, Jessica, Timmy

Silver Award - 60 merits

Henry, Lacie, Charlie

Bronze Award - 30 merits

Violet, Fisayo

Anna for improved focus in Geography

Evie for showing consistent kindness and support for another student in lessons.

Aadan for completing more than DOUBLE the Computer Science tasks required to get BLUE!

Anjola for always being kind and helpful to everyone and for independently contributing more in lessons.

Classroom News


Thank you to those who donated when booking seats at the celebration evening. We raised £95!

BCS Receives donations from the stores you shop at online!




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Headteacher's Message

Our mission: To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

Our vision: To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

I don't think it's widely known, but teachers usually find teaching lessons much easier than activity weeks. A structured day with learning objectives is often far easier than a less structured time of fun. Staff worked incredibly hard to plan this week, making sure there was a mix of activities to please everyone, only to have to resort to plan B, when extreme weather meant last minute cancellations. After all the team meetings, planning, ideas and risk assessments, they were given less than 24 hours to do it all again. I think they all came up trumps and students have had a fantastic extra curricular week. Upper school have painted, planted, weeded and hunted for our treasures within the community, whilst a number of staff  have volunteered additional hours to make fun for them. Today our staff who usually have Thursdays at home have been dressed up as Zombies, Cruella, a homeless person, joined by parents and ex students as a dinosaur, a jockey, and office worker and street cleaner. Thank you, you  mad and giving bunch. There have been park trips, sport day, water fights, a theatre visit, a trip to the science museum, and fun in EYFS.

Thank you staff team, who really do  give so much more than their job! I hope your children can tell you of the fun they have had.

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I like our sessions i look forward to them each week they have helped a lot

Seeing Mrs Walker is a really good chance to be able to let something off of your chest, it makes the week feel less daunting and is an amazing release. It helps you realise all of the positive things going on in your life and feels really supportive.

Thank you for your support of Bradford Christian School

Have a blessed Summer Holiday!