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This week...

    Thanks for the positive feedback about ISI, it was lovely receiving your comments and encouragement.

    Quick Stop Notices

    Raise Some Praise

    St James's on Bolton Road are trying a new thing at church and wondering if anyone at BCS might enjoy it.

    There’ll be a live band and food, Rev'd Tracy is doing a quick talk too so it should be great.

    Thanks to all who filled out the uniform questionnaire.
    The results showed clearly that:
    95% parents want to keep uniform with no real changes
    92% parents like the change from primary to middle to upper
    90% parents like PE day uniform, though some would like it to be stricter and more modest
    Most like the logo on the blazer or jumper, but not the T shirts or polos

    Some parents would like a summer uniform
    M and S is expensive for the quality
    Logos make uniform expensive
    Most would like second hand uniform
    Some parents made comments about the need for modesty in terms of skirt length, PE attire, and own clothes days

    We are moving to partner with a different uniform provider in the future, but they will keep the same uniform for us. They are owned by Tesco but source from other places More details will follow.

    We are introducing an optional summer uniform across school, which will be summer dresses up to year 4, and from year 5 will be grey or black school shorts, trousers or skirts with a white shirt or polo shirt (no ties, jumpers or blazers necessary) This will be an option from April to July. Obviously on cooler summer days children can still wear jumpers and blazers.

    We do run a second hand option. Suzanne Wells, one of our parents, collects clean used uniform and has regular stalls, the main one being at primary sports day in the summer. She does have a stock of second hand items.

    We are tightening up the PE uniform, so it is a plain white T shirt, plain black joggers or sports leggings, and a plain black sweatshirt or school hoodie (Middle school onwards) Fashion leggings are not appropriate school wear.

    Skirts should be knee length

    We do require a logo on blazers and prefer them on the blue school jumpers, but do not require them on polo shirts, T shirts, fleeces, PE sweatshirts, or other uniform items.

    The full updated policy will be shared before the Easter holiday.

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    Next Week ➡️

    Monday 4th March

    Primary Drama Club - 15:30 - 16:30

    Homework club, 15:30 - 16:30


    Y11 Final PC Issued to parents via email - 13:00

    Middle School Drama club, 15:30 - 16:30


    Staff PD - CLOSED to Students


    Homework club 15:30 - 16:30



    Dates for your diary

    • 22nd March - School CLOSES at 12:30 for Easter break
    • 8th April - School OPENS for Summer term
    • 10th April - Y1 - 10 Spr2 Progress Checks published to parents

    ⭐️Stars & Students⭐️ of the week

    Primary School

    Love class

    Emilia for being kind and great writing about the Little Red Riding Hood
    Maia for settling into nursery

    Alisha for some amazing syllable work

    Kindness class
    Ruth for having courage and reliance and being brave
    Abigail for always putting in 100% effort into her work
    Peace class
    Leia for Geography and her thoughtful poster about saving water
    Alyssa for geography and her amazing poster on saving water
    Bronze awards
    Silver awards

    Middle School


    Nyomi for excellent testimony about her recent baptism
    Amelia for extra science work done at home.

    Upper School


    Cristina for great support on the Barcelona trip and helped others to use Spanish and connect with the culture.
    Jude for great cross cultural engagement with others on the Spanish trip.
    Brayden for improvement in his Maths work, and excellent support with Y56

    🧑‍🎓Classroom News

    World Book Day!!

    Upper school girls enjoying their Tennis lessons at Heaton tennis club

    smart online safety
    TWA banners - 1080 x 370 (2)

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    It's free to sign up to and start supporting us with Give as you Live. Send our unique campaign links to friends and family so they can support us for free too!


    £15 raised so far!

    To say it's only been a short time we've been apart of the Stikins campaign, this is an incredible achievement. Please continue to engage with this campaign. Thank you!

    Marks & Spencer Uniform

    £120 raised so far!

    Every time someone purchases a BCS school uniform through our affiliate, M&S, we receive a small commission. So far this year we have receive £120. Thank you for your support.  

    Headteacher's Message

    Our Mission

    To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

    Our Vision

    To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

    I work with some incredibly competent people at BCS, all of us trying to work together to fulfil our mission and vision:

    Our mission is to provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship
    Our vision is to be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

    This term I have been especially thankful for the work of our student support team (SST) This team of people work with our students across school to provide additional social, emotional and academic support.

    Recently, I have seen those struggling with exam pressures, those who need a little time out to regulate, those who have nurture sessions, those who need a quiet room, those who are having friendship struggles, and those who just want to tell staff good news. We can give them a space to be, help is available, and they can grow as individuals made in the image of God.

    Our support team in school is really special. Not only do they work alongside children, but they also cover lessons, teach some parts of the curriculum, go on residentials, cover many many playground duties and enhance the life of BCS.

    Thank you all, and to Mrs Kershaw, Mrs Horton and Mrs Walker for leadership in this area.

    Jane Prothero

    Thank you for your continued support of Bradford Christian School

    Have a blessed weekend