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Quick Stop Notices 👀

Please supervise your children on the main ramp next to the building site and ask them not to climb on the wall and fence. A new fence will be erected once the building is complete.

Building Project / Parking

All on track for end of October, will be two classrooms, mainly for Maths and Science in middle and upper school, enabling us to develop our autism provision space.

Thank you for being flexible with routes around school and respectful parking so as to keep good relations with our neighbours. Please be mindful that the local residents have received a letter from the council asking them to photograph any incidents of inconsiderate parking.

Chromebooks for School and home

You may be aware that school has now provided each student from year 5 to 11 with a Chromebook to use in school. These are allocated to individual students, who are responsible for looking after them, recharging them at the end of the day, and transporting them between lessons. In Year 5 all students receive a brand new machine.

Most schools charge a significant deposit for use of Chromebooks or alternative technology. We have decided against this, recognising it is an additional cost at a time when money is tight.

Most of our students are careful and responsible with Chromebooks, and they make it through their middle school and upper school years without a problem.

However, recently we are noticing a small number of students who are not taking appropriate care of their Chromebook. We can not afford to replace them when they are dropped, get wet, or get lost. A new screen is almost the cost of a new Chromebook. We are now expecting students to carry their Chromebooks in their bags to and from lessons.

From now on, we plan to make a charge to families if a student damages their Chromebook. This will be a flat £100 toward the cost of a replacement.

We do recognise that not all damage is the student’s responsibility, and we will work hard to understand the cause of any damage before charging you. We understand that there may be wear and tear from daily use.

Thinking of getting your child a Chromebook for home? Check out our recommendation in this short article. Which Chromebook?

Understanding EDSM and GCSE Grades

Parent Prayer Group

Book Clinic

Thursday break time – every book is a £1.
A selection of books are available every Thursday with help in choosing age appropriate books.
This week is ‘Horrible History Week’!

Any book requests or recommendations accepted email mrsmarch@bxs.org.uk

Second use uniform

Mrs Wells is extending the second use uniform to include coats for those who need them. If you have unused coats and in good condition that you can donate to this, please hand into the office or email suzannewells@bxs.org.uk

Parents WhatsApp Group

There is a WhatsApp group for parents in primary and middle school. If you would like to be added to the group, please message Rachel Baxfield on 07568 074586. Thank you

What do we need for school?

  • EYFS
    • A bag containing a change of clothes (labelled with names)
    • Lunch
    • WATER bottle (no juice)
    • Book bag
    • Wellies
    • Rain coat
  • Primary 
    • Lunch – if not ordering online
    • Morning healthy snack
    • WATER bottle (no juice)
    • Book bag (no backpacks please, we have limited space to store them)
    • Labels in jumpers and sweatshirts
    • Rain coat
    • NO pencil cases – school provide stationery 
    • Purchase School Uniform
    • Note: PE uniform on PE days
  • Middle
    • Lunch – if not ordering online
    • Morning snack or toast money
    • Name labels in jumpers and sweatshirts
    • Rain coat (Named)
    • School bag
    • Pencil case containing HB pencil, sharpener, coloured pencils, highlighter, eraser, green biro, black biro, blue biro
    • Maths kit – compass, set square, protractor, ruler
    • Scientific Calculator (we recommend Casio)
    • Purchase School Uniform
    • Note: PE uniform on PE days
  • Upper
    • Lunch – if not ordering online
    • Name labels in jumpers and sweatshirts
    • Rain coat (named)
    • School bag
    • Pencil case containing HB pencil, sharpener, coloured pencils, highlighter, eraser, green biro, black biro, blue biro
    • Maths kit – compass, set square, protractor, ruler
    • Scientific Calculator (we recommend Casio)
    • Purchase School Uniform
    • Note: PE uniform on PE days
  • Autism Provision (AP)
    • Acorns (middle school)
      • Lunch – if not ordering online
      • Water in a re usable bottle
      • Morning snack or toast money
      • Name labels in jumpers.
      • Coat/jacket (weather dependant)
      • Pencil case containing pens, pencil, sharpener, eraser.
      • Daily diary
      • Purchase School Uniform
      • Note: PE uniform on PE days 
      • Please wear the correct uniform unless it has been agreed otherwise with Mrs Horton.
    • Oak class (upper school)
      • Lunch – if not ordering online
      • Water in a re usable bottle
      • Morning snack or toast money
      • Bag
      • Name labels in jumpers and blazers.
      • Coat/jacket (weather dependant)
      • Pencil case containing HB pencil, sharpener, coloured pencils, highlighter, eraser, green biro, black biro, blue biro
      • Purchase School Uniform
      • Note: PE uniform on PE days
      • Please wear the correct uniform unless it has been agreed otherwise with Mrs Horton.

Mental Health support information

Information on vaping

Event at Holy Trinity

Policy updates

Next Week

Visit by Shipley MP Phillip Davis to speak with the students in AP
Close for half term at 15:30

👇🏼Dates for your Diary👇🏼

  • 20th October – School Closes for Half Term
  • 30th October – School Opens for Aut 2
  • 1st November – Aut 1 Progress Checks published
  • 16th November – School Photographs
  • 19th December – Afternoon and early evening performances. Ticket details to be announced in November.

🥣Lunches🌭 – New Menu arrangement from September 2023

DayMealOption 1Option 2Pudding
MondayBaked PotatoBeans & / or CheesePlain potato
TuesdayHot Dogs
ThursdayCurryChicken or VeggieRice or Naan
FridayMacaroni & CheeseGarlic Bread (help yourself)

Lunch orders close at 9am every Monday morning. Please email help@bxs.org.uk if you have any issues setting up a Parent Portal account.

Please check you are using the latest version before ordering. Latest version v1.186b – Parent Portal help

⭐️Stars and Students of the Week⭐️

Primary School

Seren for amazing capacity work with reception and fantastic vocabulary in maths.
Rosie for super phonics and listening well to instructions.
Blessings for writing a super autumn poem.
Zebedee for amazing work in English on the laptop. 
Isaac for settling down and joining in well in our guided reading group.
Leia for reading stamina in completing a very long book.

Middle School

Year 5
Chloe for wholehearted commitment to the programme on the residential
Year 6
Jay for leadership and sacrificially supporting his peers on the residential
Year 7
Noah for maturity and confidence on the residential

🎓Classroom News 👨🏻‍🏫

Middle School Table Top Exibition

Thanks to all those parents and grandparents who took the time to come in and see the Table Top Exhibitions yesterday. It was so good to see the rooms so full of people and to watch you all listening to, appreciating and encouraging our students.

It was all about encouraging them in their identity and interests. Your attendance, along with our staff and students was more than I could ask for.

BCS at its best!

Thank you

Mr Moon, on behalf of the Middle School Team

Primary Harvest Festival

On Tuesday in Primary and EYFS we had our Harvest Festival celebration.
We had a lovely time together giving thanks to God for all of His good gifts to us. Reverend Marianne from St James’ church Bolton woods came and spoke to us and reminded us how generous God is to us and challenged us on how we could be more generous to one another.
Thank you to everyone who donated food for the Bradford North foodbank, I am sure we will bless many families.

Autumn topic

In year 1 and 2 this term our topic focus has been all about weather and seasons. We have been thinking about all the wonderful colours of Autumn and we painted some Autumn trees using our handprint as the tree and did some finger painting for the leaves.

Y7/8 3D figure in Art

Year 7 and 8 have been working on making figures using wire and material. We’ve been looking at Edgar Degas as inspiration for our ballerinas and footballers.

Well done Year 7 and 8!

Something to keep shouting about…

Autism Provision Successes

Two of our formerly DSP students have both started at University in September. Congratulations to both of them who faced and overcame emotional barriers in their learning to achieve this tremendous goal. One Mum writes:

Thank you for everything you have done for Mia. When she first started at BCS we never dared to dream she would end up where she is now.

Mia’s Mum

Josh’s success is down to his time at BCS.

Josh’s Mum

🔗Helpful links 🤳🏼

📈Fund Raising 💷

It’s free to sign up to and start supporting us with Give as you Live. Send our unique campaign links to friends and family so they can support us for free too!

We can win upto £1500 free if 5 new people signup to our Give as you Live campaign before the 17th December!

Click the image to find out more!

Regular campaign link – https://www.giveasyoulive.com/charity/bradford-christian-school

Regular campaign link – https://www.giveasyoulive.com/charity/bradford-christian-school

Headteacher’s Message

Our Mission

To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

Our Vision

To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

‘The LORD said to [Moses] “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.’ (Exodus 4:2)
Moses’ staff was among the few possessions he had. It was probably his shepherd’s staff and represents what he knew and what he already had. God took that and made it a tool Moses would use many times on the journey that lay ahead.
All of us already have gifts, talents, resources and experience given us by God which we can use to glorify Him and serve others. He’s asking us to be faithful with what we’ve got; to bring it to the table. 1 Peter 4:10 tells us that “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
Whatever our skill set or gift mix, wherever we are and wherever we go we can participate in the mission of God.
So, what’s in our hand, as it were, that God can use? How about doing an inventory of all the things God has provided? For example, a house or apartment, your vocation, your skills and gifts, a car or motorbike, your finances, your position of influence in your family or workplace, your time, even your dining room table (hospitality is a great way to participate in mission!).
For years I thought the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17) involved David making a totally unrealistic, impossible attempt at taking out Goliath with a few stones and that it was a total miracle. In fact, David knew how to wield a slingshot. Wielded by an expert, stones could be sent flying with great speed and accuracy. David was using what he had, what he knew. Unlike all the trained soldiers who stood in fear on the sidelines, he cared so much about God’s glory that he stepped forward combining his trust in God with his skills and took a risk.
David’s approach was unconventional; the other soldiers had swords, spears and armour. Maybe we’ve been sitting on something God wants us to use but we don’t think it fits with the norm or it doesn’t seem useful. Sometimes we let false humility keep us from using our gifts, talents and resources. Or we’re waiting until we’ve got more — more resources, more qualifications, more influence. Or we let a perceived limitation, including a disability, stop us. Moses hoped his limitations would get him out of what God was calling him to do. He told God he didn’t speak well (as if God didn’t already know!) and even said, “Please send someone else to do it” (Exodus 4:10, 13).
George Stott wanted to make Jesus known in China. Because he only had one leg he was turned down by several mission organizations. Hudson Taylor, founder of what is now OMF International, accepted him. When Taylor asked him why he would think of going to China with one leg, Stott replied, “I do not see those with two legs going, so I must.”
He wanted to use what he had, do what he could, instead of coming up with excuses why someone else should do it.
Examples like these challenge me to use what I’ve got, not lament what I haven’t got. Many healthy, gifted people are doing very little with what they’ve got.
About our vocations, Charles Spurgeon wrote that “Every lawful trade may be sanctified by the gospel to noblest ends.” Maybe God is nudging you towards a new way of using your vocation where you are .or maybe in another part of the world.
So, calling all the artists, carpenters, teachers, engineers, accountants, techies, nurses or administrators! Calling singles, couples and families. Calling everybody who loves Jesus: bring your tools to the table; God will put them to use.
A prayer:
Lord, I bring before you all the gifts, talents and possessions which You have so graciously given to me. I dedicate them for Your service that they will be a blessing to others and be tools in your hand to help others come to know You, experience Your love and the transforming power of the gospel. Amen.
Alex Hawke, friend of Mrs Prothero

Thank you for your support of Bradford Christian School

Have a Blessed Weekend! 😎