Week commencing 20th February 2023

The Week Ahead

Quick Stop Notices

  • We have had an increase in mainly older students bringing highly caffeinated drinks onto site as part of their lunch, and after consideration, we are now banning these drinks from school.
  • School Lunches can be ordered before 9am on a Monday for the week.
  • The Northern Ballet will be visiting us on Monday 6th March to work with years 1-6 and Oak Acorns.  This will be a workshop based on their forthcoming production of The Ugly Duckling which will be showing at The Alhambra during the Easter Holidays (Saturday 8 April).  Tickets for the Ugly Duckling ballet can be booked here. Our children will not be taking part in the performance.
  • Please log on to the BCS Parent Portal to read and accept the school’s Acceptable Use Policy for this year. Make sure you’re logging into version 1.147.
  • Dodgeball Club after half term – Thursday lunchtimes (2 separate clubs – 1 for Middle School and 1 for Upper School).

SMART Internet guidelines to start a conversation with your children about how to stay safe online.

Next Week

School re-opens
Y11 GCSE Mock Exams continue – Timetable
Middle School lunch club – Dodgeball
GCSE Mock exams finish.

Dates for your Diary

Tues 7th – Fri 10th March – Upper School Residential to Paris


Please order lunches before 9am on Monday

Latest version v1.147 – Parent Portal help

Stars and Students of the Week

Primary School Stars of the Week

Love Class
Luca for amazing focusing on maths and phonics
Leo for amazing independence and focusing on tasks
Joy Class
Grace for fantastic writing in her letter to Mrs Hoskins
Peace Class
Myka for being so welcoming to the year 1s and writing them a lovely letter
Kindness Class
Aimie for great ideas in writing in Greek myths and dreamtime stories
Violet for great enjoyment of reading and interest in book

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Middle School Students of the Week

Grace (Y8) for excellent focus and diligence in Playwriting Project
Seth (Y8) for excellent team work in Playwriting Project and creating the Macolian Chronicles
Josiah (Y8) for excellent teamwork in Playwriting Project and creating the Macolian Chronicles
Katie (Y7) for superb creativity and humour demonstrated in Playwriting Project.
Josiah (Y7) for excellent team work during Playwriting project
Caleb (Y7) for excellent team work during Playwriting project
Noah (Y6) for really taking the time to do his artwork in lesson and improving his skills. 

Upper School Students of the Week

Daisy (Y10) for most progress in Y10 in Spring 1 PC
Isaac (Y9) for most progress in Y10 in Spring 1 PC

Oak Class Student of the Week

Daniel for great improvement in his comprehension skills.

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Headteacher’s Message

Our mission

To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

Our Vision

To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

This weekend our adult children are returning for a family weekend. We usually spend time reflecting with them – they are always happy to evaluate our parenting style! We laugh, cry, apologise and defend, and I look forward to these times greatly. I am always surprised at the details they remember about things I had long forgotten, and the impact these things made – both positive and negative.

When they were born Mark and I made a deal – I would be in charge till they were 11 then they were his! The idea of teenagers filled me with fear and dread, and the thought of little people was similar for Mark.

However, we were both proved wrong. Working in a through school for the past 17 years, and bringing up two children taught me that teenagers are great, most of the time. Mark learned that teaching pre school, whilst challenging, was possible, and could even be enjoyable. 

This week I have had the privilege of following year 9 and 10 around some of their lessons, to see a snapshot of teaching and learning in BCS upper school.

I have really enjoyed observing their learning, talking with the students about their views and opinions, and talking to teachers about where they have come from and are going to.

My conclusions:

Our teenagers are a wonderful bunch of people who get it right most of the time.

Our whole staff are dedicated to developing individuals, weaving in faith to their teaching. They know lots about their students and can talk about each of them with knowledge. They are committed to Christian education at BCS.

Our students generally like our school and enjoy learning. They know their strengths and weaknesses.

Our students feel safe and able to express a range of views, and to disagree and be disagreed with. They were discussing some mature topics respectfully. 

Our year 9s and 10s are an articulate bunch, and I loved my time with them. I also appreciate the team who work with them.

So those of you with younger children, be encouraged that the teens can be great. Those of you with teens, it keeps getting better!

Thank you for your support of Bradford Christian School

Have a Blessed Weekend