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This week...

    Thanks for the positive feedback about ISI, it was lovely receiving your comments and encouragement.

    Quick Stop Notices

    Raise Some Praise

    St James's on Bolton Road are trying a new thing at church and wondering if anyone at BCS might enjoy it.

    There’ll be a live band and food, Rev'd Tracy is doing a quick talk too so it should be great.

    Start of the day

    We usually have someone on gate duty at 8:45am Before this staff are in meetings and are not available to supervise. Please do not leave your children before 8:45.

    If it is wet, please do not send children into the building before 8:45am - there is nobody available to look after them.

    The bell rings at 8:55am, when school starts. ALL children should enter school through either the Early Years outside entrance, the AP entrance or the school playground, not the main entrance.

    The main entrance is for emergencies, and for people waiting for meetings. It is not the main way into school. Please make sure you are prompt so children can enter school with their peers, through the appropriate routes.

    End of the day
    School ends at 3:30pm and all children should be collected promptly. Please let us know if you are held up, as children get anxious when they have to wait after school.

    School Lunches

    Mrs Trice Parkin is doing an amazing job with school lunches, but is finding a number of parents are forgetting to pay and order, yet their children turn up each day expecting her to provide lunch. She buys ingredients according to weekly order numbers, which keeps the price affordable and keeps waste to a minimum.

    Please make sure you top up your MIS account and order by Sunday evening each week. If a child turns up who has not ordered, they will not be served lunch.

    If your account is not working for some reason, please contact the office staff who will help you sort it out.

    Please DO NOT add trip money to your MIS account.

    Labelling clothes
    You will have received an email about our mountain of lost property - all un named or containing names of unknown people. There are eleven coats, several large school jumpers, thirteen black hoodies - all without names and all similar sizes. Please please please label your child's clothes - then when we find them strewn around school we can return them.

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    Next Week ➡️

    Monday 4th March

    Primary Drama Club - 15:30 - 16:30

    Homework club, 15:30 - 16:30


    Y11 Final PC Issued to parents via email - 13:00

    Middle School Drama club, 15:30 - 16:30


    Homework club 15:30 - 16:30

    Y11 Parent consultations drop in - 17:00 - 19:00


    WORLD BOOK DAY - Primary and EYFS

    Y11 residential - SET OFF - 10:30 from school

    Homework club 15:30 - 16:30


    Y11 residential - RETURN - 15:00 at school

    Dates for your diary

    • 13th March - Staff Training day - school closed to students
    • 22nd March - School CLOSES at 12:30 for Easter break
    • 8th April - School OPENS for Summer term
    • 10th April - Y1 - 10 Sum1 Progress Checks published to parents

    ⭐️Stars & Students⭐️ of the week

    Primary School

    Love class

    Abigail for being independent and very enthusiastic
    Samual for writing some amazing sentences and having a great attitude towards school
    Peace class
    Lucy for being a kind and caring friend and always looking out for others
    Yarnaa for excellent contributions on the carpet in Topic.
    Kindness class
    Charlie for focusing well in lessons and independent work.
    Trystan for amazing work in Science.
    Bronze awards
    Silver Award
    Head teacher Award
    Rosalie for being brave and having a super week.
    Zebedee for fabulous work and brilliant behaviour.
    Penelope for being a superstar and having a great attitude towards her work.

    Middle School


    Joy for excellent engagement in Shakespeare drama workshop lessons
    Shalom for Excellent engagement in Shakespere drama workshop lessons

    Upper School


    Braden Mallloy for improvement in Maths

    Autism Provision

    Oak Class

    Darnell for working hard , working a little faster and getting ahead in some of his lessons. 

    🧑‍🎓Classroom News

    Y7/8 Skipton Academy trip

    Year 7&8 went to see Romeo and Juliet at Skipton Academy this morning - “from the word go it was full of action… when it slowed down there was always something else happening”. Wow- Years 3-6 are in for a treat tomorrow!

    Y9/10 Barcelona Trip

    The trip has been a huge success from start to finish. One of the team has written a short piece for our Headteacher's message at the bottom of this Newsletter with some more photos.

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    £15 raised so far!

    To say it's only been a short time we've been apart of the Stikins campaign, this is an incredible achievement. Please continue to engage with this campaign. Thank you!

    Marks & Spencer Uniform

    £120 raised so far!

    Every time someone purchases a BCS school uniform through our affiliate, M&S, we receive a small commission. So far this year we have receive £120. Thank you for your support.  

    Headteacher's Message

    Our Mission

    To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

    Our Vision

    To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

    This week I give big thanks to the Barcelona team. Taking a bunch of year 9 and 10 on any residential is a big ask, and I am grateful to Mrs Garcia, Mr Prothero, Mr Kershaw and Mrs Virgo for stepping into this role, and for filling the week with a number of new opportunities.

    In just 4 days, our students have done a number of things that would be difficult in February in the UK. They have visited some iconic sites, including the Sagrada Familia, they have played beach volleyball, paddled, walked, shopped in Las Ramblas and heard from refugee communities. They have tried new foods, heard native Spanish speakers, and been exposed to a different culture. They have had time to enjoy God's creation and respond to it, and

    A visit like this has knock ons for families, teachers in school, covering classes and making sure that our students here have a great week too.
    So thanks to the BCS team for playing their parts so well.
    One of the team has written a short piece about the trip.


    I am currently sat on a beautiful courtyard in Barcelona reflecting on the week, (although by the time you read this I will be back in England!)

    Throughout the week we have spoken a lot of how God's love for us is reflected within his creation, and how we can also glorify him through the skills he has given us to be creative... and you don't have to go far to experience this here in Barcelona.

    When speaking to the students, the main highlight of the trip has been our visit to La Familia Sagrada, which is absolutely breathtaking and your eyes are instinctively drawn upwards. Antoni Goudi's main aim was to glorify God and was inspired by the creation around him, if you have ever been you will have seen God's creation reflecting back in all his work.

    We have had a very busy week with walks around the city, the Picasso Museum, getting lost in a Labyrinth, shopping on La Rambla, homemade authentic Spanish Paella at Mrs Garcia's Mother-in-law's home, talks from refugee's and church ministers and another highlight; beach volleyball!

    It's been great to get to know the students a little better, and I hope they will all have a restful weekend.

    unnamed (3)

    Poppy Virgo

    Job role: Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

    Church: Christ Church, Bradford

    Poppy joined BCS in 1996 as a 9 year old but came back in 2022 as a member of staff. Her background is in youth work and children's nursing and has a passion for helping young people reach their full potential.

    She is married to Matt and they have three children who all attend BCS. In her spare time she loves to bake cakes.


    Thank you for your continued support of Bradford Christian School

    Have a blessed Half Term