Week commencing 6th March 2023

The Week Ahead

Quick Stop Notices

  • IMPORTANT: Please log on to the BCS Parent Portal to read and accept the school’s Acceptable Use Policy and update your child’s medical record for this year. Make sure you’re logging into version 1.162
  • The Northern Ballet are visiting us on Monday to work with years 1-6 and Oak Acorns. This will be based on their forthcoming production of The Ugly Duckling which will be showing at The Alhambra during the Easter Holidays (Saturday 8 April).  Tickets for the Ugly Duckling ballet can be booked here.

Some of you may already be aware that our school cleaner, Nikki, has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and will no longer be able to do any physical work. This news has brought great sadness to our school community of which Nikki has been an important part for the last 15 years. She will be greatly missed by the many friends she has made here as well as by students past and present, with whom she has been very popular over the years. Nikki has always been such a joyful person, full of life and fun so this diagnosis has come as a bitter blow. Nikki can, however, depend on the support of her friends, her church and her Lord. It goes without saying that she faces a difficult road ahead and would therefore greatly value the prayers of everyone involved at BCS.

“But God has put the body together……. so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.  If one part suffers, every part suffers with it.” 1 Corinthians 12:24-26

Next Week

Northern Ballet workshops with Years 1-5 and Acorn class
Upper School trip to Paris
Y1/2 trip to ACW Garden Centre
Middle School lunch club – Dodgeball.
Upper School students return from Paris

Dates for your Diary

14th March – Y3/4 to visit Crystal Gardens School.

16th March – Parent Prayers in the Staff room. 9am.

23rd March – Staff PD day – school closed to pupils.


Please order lunches before 9am on Monday

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Stars and Students of the Week

Primary School Stars of the Week

Love Class
Jake for amazing Bible story listening and retelling the 3 little pigs story.
Rosa for settling in very well.
Rosie for sitting through snack time and group time very well.
Joy Class
Joshua for beautiful drawings of daffodils in art.
Peace Class
Timothy for amazing observation drawing of plants in science.
Kindness Class
Amelia for having great enthusiasm in her lessons.
Leah for great listening and learning in Spanish.

Bronze Awards

Middle School Students of the Week

Semmy (Y5) for his excellent attitude and application to work in Middle School Topic.

Upper School Students of the Week

Isla (Y10) for showing initiative in extending her vocabulary in English
Tegan (Y10) for quality contribution in English lesson. Justifying a grade using the exam board’s criteria
Alfie (Y10) for great learning links between Geography and class devotion

Oak Class Student of the Week

Keiran for improvement in his spellings, handwriting and working more independently

Classroom News

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Headteacher’s Message

Our mission

To provide a holistic Christian education for all and to inspire discipleship.

Our Vision

To be a Christian community in which everyone grows in character, faith, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Faith in Christ

Through sound biblical knowledge and a belief in the power of prayer, BCS provides a discipleship opportunity for students to apply the Word of God to their lives, laying a solid foundation for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone is committed to a lifestyle of lovingly serving others.

Last Sunday I was privileged to share in a leaving service for the pastor of my old church. Part of the service was listening to testimonies of some young adults in church. They were thankful for the role models in their lives, who mentored, asked hard questions, accepted and loved them as they grew up.

This week I would like to share a devotion from a friend:

Human nature is sinful, weak and easily seduced by temptations – that is demonstrated already in the story of Adam and Eve, but also in our daily lives: How hard it is to discipline ourselves to do our exercises, or to resist the whisperings of chocolate, or coffee, or to fit in daily time with God.

“Discipline” is closely related to “disciple”. If we want to be disciples of Jesus, we must discipline ourselves to recognize and refute the whisperings of this world, such as “Follow your feelings!” / “It’s not worth the effort” / “Your faith is irrational.” 

Jesus came to set us free from the slavery of obeying the world’s whisperings. He said “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be given to you” (Mat 6,33).

He modelled this discipline when he was tempted by the devil (Mat 4). He recognized and refuted the temptations. I’m sure that wasn’t easy, given the rewards the great liar promised. But aren’t we glad? Where would we be if Jesus had not refused? He refused because he believed firmly that God’s will is far better than worldly promises.

So, Jesus’ appeal to stand firm against temptation applies not only in view of his promised kingdom, but even against the whisperings of consumerist society in view of a happy earthly life.

May we stand firm for God’s kingdom – and teach our youths to stand firm!

Thank you for your support of Bradford Christian School

Have a Blessed Weekend